Monday, 19 September 2011

Ask a friend and trace your hand

I went to my parents this weekend and while I went shopping with my mum I left the journal with my brother. I had a look at his journal and it looks more wrecked than mine but he still has some work to do!
When I came home this page had some sort of an imprint that looked a lot like the street. He had the journal with this page on the street and drove over it with his longboard. It actually looks a bit like the texture of my wallpaper, lol.

Some other pages were done as well....

I used to make drawings like this a lot when I was in primary school.

And I traced my hands. I did one nail with nail polish because I thought that would be fun but the tvshow I was watching became too interesting because I after the one nail I didn't finish the others.

Maybe I'll take it with me in the shower tonight...

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