Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Drip something here...

This evening I actually wanted to sew a bit on my sewing machine but it didn't work properly. And since I couldn't fix it tonight I tried to wreck another page in the journal! I already doodled and colored on the instruction page this week but hadn't done a page with real instructions.
Instructions are to make a print on the page by dripping something on one page an close the book. I recently bought some new paint which was very runny and when I opened the tube the paint was immediatly dripping all over my hands. Perfect! So I dripped some paint here and there and closed the journal. This is the result:

I must say it is liberating 'wreck this journal'. On the first page you have to write your name in various ways. One is using very large letters and of course the last letter of my name doesn't fit on the page anymore. I hate it when I have to fill out a form or something and it is not how I would like it to be, the lines are too short or something. In this case I hated it too but it doesn't matter! Just let it go because it is not supposed to be pretty!

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